Company History

Founded in 1952, Guinn Construction Company continues to provide excellence in general engineering construction. Hundreds of projects, successfully completed during our long history, give us the depth of experience to offer the finest heavy civil construction services available. Historically and at present our emphasis is on large scale earthmoving and underground utility systems projects.

We strive to provide results that are timely, cost effective, and of the highest standards of excellence. To this end, we have developed a full-service construction company backed by an expert team of in-house specialists. We believe that delivering the best performance from our crews and equipment depends on the best supervision and support. We devote many hours to training our administrative and support team. Our track record demonstrates that the utilization of the most advanced equipment, supported by our own trained mechanics and servicemen, is essential for providing the greatest level of productivity. Time is always of the essence in the construction industry. We have an established history of preparing accurate construction schedules and consistently meeting or exceeding these schedules.

We are determined to stay on the leading edge of our field by acquiring and developing new innovations for improving our service. We are a current industry leader in the application of on-board GPS Grade Control Systems. This capability allows us greater control, flexibility and accuracy during construction. Guinn Construction maintains a fleet of over 75 units of Caterpillar equipment and our fleet is certified to meet current CARB requirements. Geographically, we have a proven capacity to support multiple long-range projects concurrently, throughout California and neighboring states.

Guinn Construction Company continues to evolve and adapt to the dynamic and ever-changing construction industry. The principles and standards which were keys to Irv Guinn's original success in 1952 remain as the foundation for our daily operations and future planning. In serving California as a leading contractor, we look forward to the opportunity for continuing that tradition, reflected in the success of each new project.

Why Choose Guinn

Our team at Guinn Construction believes that we are uniquely qualified to complete complex earthmoving and other heavy civil construction projects.

We have a long and proven track record. We maintain an ongoing emphasis on remaining on the cutting edge of technological advances in our industry. We continually practice that safety is our highest priority. All of these items combined provide our clients with the level of assurance to be confident that their projects will be completed to the highest professional standards.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss the unique requirements of your project and how Guinn Construction can contribute and become a value-added member of your team.


Guinn Company utilizes state-of-the-art resources to service each and every project. Our employees are fully trained and competent in their tasks. Our equipment fleet is meticulously maintained and is certified CARB compliant in accordance with current California emissions regulations.

We place a very strong emphasis on our GPS machine control capabilities. We have utilized GPS equipment for over 20 years and constantly strive to remain an industry leader.

GPS machine control allows us to construct entire projects from computer generated, 3D surfaces. The models are loaded directly into the equipment and the operator knows precisely where he is in relation to where he wants to be at all times. Grade checkers with GPS rover units are onsite, "boots on the ground" to ensure specification compliance and provide appropriate guidance and assistance.